The Author

KC Green is making this comic for you. He's made several before this. Most notably Gunshow. He is currently also writing BACK, making a video game comic for money, and slowly working on an adaptation of Pinocchio. His comics have been seen on The Nib, Mad Magazine, and elsewhere online, as the climate of sharing causes silly comics and images from the comics to be passed around without attribution. That's okay. It happens. I think people are getting better about it. But maybe I just stopped paying attention to it.

The Comic
Crange is an acorn, the last acorn to leave his tree actually. He is selfish and not great at much except drinking. He is tasked to leave the tree and plant himself, as his brothers and sisters have done before him. We follow Crange as he dutifully neglects doing any of that and neglects growing up in general. Each vignette in the comic will show bits from his life and the quiet horror of the outside world and one's inner problems. There may be blood and cursing, so I wouldn't recommend this to children. Also if cartoonish blood/gore bothers you, I would walk away as well. Maybe it doesnt but I figure I would let you know, just in case. That's all.