03/30/15Crange Starts his Day, p1
03/30/15Crange Starts his Day, p2
03/30/15Crange Starts his Day, p3
03/30/15Crange Starts his Day, p4
04/02/15Crange get a Bottle of Water, p1
04/07/15Crange get a Bottle of Water, p2
04/09/15Crange Summons the Devil, p1
04/14/15Crange Summons the Devil, p2
04/16/15Crange Summons the Devil, p3
04/21/15Crange Summons the Devil, p4
05/05/15Crange Donates his Money, p1
05/07/15Crange Donates his Money, p2
05/12/15crange Donates his Money, p3
05/14/15Crange is Without Home, p1
05/19/15Crange is Without Home, p2
05/21/15Crange is Without Home, p3
05/26/15Crange Donated his Money, Remember p1
05/28/15Crange donated his Money, Remember p2
06/02/15Crange Comes to Terms with his Depression
06/04/15Crang Ignores it, instead
06/09/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p1
06/11/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p2
06/15/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p3
06/17/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p4
06/19/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p5
06/22/15crange Can\'t go Home, p6
06/24/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p7
06/26/15Crange Can\'t go Home, p8
06/29/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p1
07/01/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p2
07/06/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p3
07/08/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p4
07/10/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p5
07/13/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p6
07/15/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p7
07/17/15crange Robs a Liquor Store, p8
07/20/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p9
07/22/15Crange Robs a Liquor Store, p10
07/24/15Do You Want to be Cut in Half?
07/27/15Crange Thinks that Dude Might be Dead, p1
07/29/15Crange Thinks that Dude Might be Dead, p2
07/31/15Crange Thinks that Dude Might be Dead, p3
08/03/15Crange Goes to the Bathroom, p1
08/05/15Crange Goes to the Bathroom, p2
08/07/15Crange Goes to the Bathroom, p3
08/10/15Crange Goes to the Bathroom, p4
08/12/15Crange Goes to the Bathroom, p5
08/14/15Hey, Asshole!
08/19/15Crange Falls Down a Well, p1
08/21/15Crange Falls Down a Well, p2
08/24/15crange Falls Down a Well, p3
08/26/15Crange Falls Down a Well, p4
08/28/15Crange Falls Down a Well, p5
09/14/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p1
09/16/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p2
09/18/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p3
09/21/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p4
09/23/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p5
09/25/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p6
09/30/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p7
10/02/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p8
10/07/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p9
10/09/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p10
10/12/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p11
10/14/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p12
10/16/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p13
10/19/15Crange Goes to the Hospital, p14
12/27/15Crange is a good ol boy who is here and back, p1
12/30/15Crange is a good ol boy who is here and back, p2
01/01/16Crange is a good ol boy who is here and back, p3
01/04/16Crange is a good ol boy who is here and back, p4
01/06/16Crange is a good ol boy who is here and back, p5
01/08/16Crange is a good ol boy who is here and back, p6
01/11/16Crange Leaves Himself, p1
01/13/16Crange Leaves Himself, p2
01/15/16Crange Leaves Himself, p3
01/18/16Crange Leaves Himself, p4
01/22/16Crange Leaves Himself, p5
01/25/16Crange Leaves Himself, p6
01/27/16Crange Leaves Himself, p7
01/29/16Crange Leaves Himself, p8
02/01/16Crange & the Werewolf, p1
02/03/16Crange & the Werewolf, p2
02/05/16Crange & the Werewolf, p3
02/08/16Crange & the Werewolf, p4
02/10/16Crange & the Werewolf, p5
02/12/16Crange & the Werewolf, p6
02/15/16Crange & the Werewolf, p7
02/17/16Crange & the Werewolf, p8
02/19/16Crange & the Werewolf, p9
02/22/16Crange & the Werewolf, p10
02/24/16Crange & the Werewolf, p11
02/26/16Crange & the Werewolf, p12
02/29/16Crange Gets a Sandwich
03/02/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p2
03/04/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p3
03/07/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p4
03/09/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p5
03/11/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p6
03/16/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p7
03/18/16Crange Gets a Sandwich, p8
03/21/16Orientation, p1
03/23/16Orientation, p2
03/25/16Orientation, p3
03/28/16Crange Gets a Drink, p1
03/30/16Crange Gets a Drink, p2
04/01/16Crange Gets a Drink, p3
04/04/16Crange Gets a Drink, p4
04/06/16Crange Gets a Drink, p5
04/08/16Crange Gets a Drink, p6
04/11/16Crange Gets a Drink, p7
04/13/16Crange Gets a Drink, p8
04/15/16Crange Gets a Drink, p9
04/18/16Crange Stops a Robbery, p1
04/20/16Crange Stops a Robbery, p2
04/22/16Crange Stops a Robbery, p3
04/25/16Crange is Horny, p1
04/27/16Crange is Horny, p2
04/29/16Crange is Horny, p3
05/02/16Crange is Horny, p4
05/04/16Crange is Horny, p5
05/06/16Crange is Horny, p6
05/09/16Crange is Horny, p7
05/11/16Crange is Horny, p8
05/13/16Crange is Horny, p9
05/16/16Crange is Horny, p10
05/20/16Crange is Horny, p11
05/23/16Crange is Horny, p12
05/25/16Crange is Horny, p13
05/27/16Crange is Horny, p14
05/30/16Crange is Horny, p15
06/01/16Crange is Horny, p16
06/03/16Crange is Horny, p17
06/06/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p1
06/08/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p2
06/10/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p3
06/13/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p4
06/15/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p5
06/17/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p6
06/20/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p7
06/24/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p8
06/27/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p9
07/01/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p10
07/06/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p11
07/11/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p12
07/13/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p13
07/15/16Crange and the Crazy Castle, p14
07/18/16Crange and his High School Reunion, p1
07/20/16Crange and his High School Reunion, p2
07/22/16Crange and his High School Reunion, p3
08/05/16Crange and the Bartender, p1
08/08/16Crange and the Bartender, p2
08/10/16Crange and the Bartender, p3
08/12/16Crange and the Bartender, p4
08/15/16Crange and the Bartender, p4
08/19/16Crange and the Bartender, p5
08/22/16Crange and the Bartender, p6
08/24/16Crange and the Bartender, p8
08/26/16Crange and the Bartender, p9
08/31/16Crange and the Bartender, p10
09/02/16Crange and the Bartender, p11
09/05/16Crange and the Bartender, p12
09/07/16Crange and the Bartender, p13
09/09/16Bartender and the Crange
09/26/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p1
09/28/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p2
09/30/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p3
10/10/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p4
10/12/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p5
10/14/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p6
10/17/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p7
10/19/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p8
10/21/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p9
10/24/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p10
10/26/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p11
10/28/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p12
10/31/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p13
11/02/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p14
11/04/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p15
11/07/16Crange is Stuck in a Room, p16
11/09/16Crange gets a Snack, p1
11/11/16Crange gets a Snack, p2
11/14/16Crange gets a Snack, p3
11/16/16Crange gets a Snack, p4
11/18/16Crange gets a Snack, p5
11/21/16Crange gets a Snack, p6
11/23/16Crange gets a Snack, p7
11/25/16Crange gets a Snack, p8
12/12/16Crange digs a Grave, p1
12/14/16Crange digs a Grave, p2
12/16/16Crange digs a Grave, p3
12/19/16Crange finds a hole, p1
12/21/16Crange finds a hole, p2
12/23/16Crange finds a hole, p3
12/26/16Crange gets some new kicks!, p1
12/28/16Crange gets some new kicks!, p2
12/30/16Crange gets some new kicks!, p3
01/02/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p1
01/04/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p2
01/06/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p3
01/09/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p4
01/11/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p5
01/13/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p6
01/16/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p7
01/18/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p8
01/20/17Crange gets attacked by a bird, p9
01/23/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p1
01/25/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p2
01/27/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p3
01/30/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p4
02/01/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p5
02/03/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p6
02/06/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p7
02/08/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p8
02/10/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p9
02/13/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p10
02/15/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p11
02/17/17Crange gets high with the Pod People, p12
03/06/17Crange and the Ants, p1
03/08/17Crange and the Ants, p2
03/10/17Crange and the Ants, p3
03/13/17Crange and the Ants, p4
03/15/17Crange and the Ants, p5
03/17/17Crange and the Ants, p6
03/20/17Crange and the Ants, p7
03/22/17Crange and the Ants, p8
03/24/17Crange and the Ants, p9
03/27/17Crange and the Ants, p10
03/29/17Crange and the Ants, p11
03/31/17Crange and the Ants, p12
04/03/17Crange and the Ants, p13
04/05/17Crange and the Ants, p14
04/07/17Crange and the Ants, p15
04/10/17Crange gets Sick, p1
04/12/17Crange gets Sick, p2
04/14/17Crange gets Sick, p3
04/17/17Crange gets Sick, p4
04/21/17Crange gets Sick, p5
05/19/17Crange Takes Himself Out
06/19/17Crange gets some rest
07/06/17Faustus takes the plunge!
08/18/17Crange & the Vampires
10/09/17Crange goes to a Kegger
12/10/17Your Changeing Boy (Crange Gets Shot into Space)
01/18/18Crange Starts His Day (again)