Hi. I wish I had a better way of informing everyone on here about the new change rather than some big text at the top of the page, but maybe that was the best way after all. So yeah, I've always said HiaGB had an ending and I started it with a 3 year span in mind. As be go past it's second anniversary, I had a big change in my heart that just wanted to finish what I started instead of waiting it out for another whole year of scheduling a story three times a week. I put a lot into these pages emotionally, so, like, I just needed some space to do what I wanted to do without a constant threat of missing a deadline.

Webcomics have hella changed since I started, and I still like doing them, I just gotta find a new way to appreciate it. And I think I have. Anyway, all this means is updates will be whenever I finish an arc, whenever I have something substantial to show. I have no good way of letting you know when those are except my twitter and following the tumblr feed. Just keep comin' back and checkin once and a while? The RSS feed works too if that's your jam.

SO we're on the downslope of this jam. It won't be so sudden you won't see it coming, the ending, but I'm not gonna stretch it out like I'm working a tv show and we need filler. I got plenty of that. And I hope you still wanna read it when they come out. Thank you. And next time, Crange will get some rest himself.