Ah, here we are. This is the beginning of the end. The Final arcs for Crange. I know it's been a while. And I always say thanks for stickin' around. The implied sentiment with me always saying that is it's okay if you fall off. There's a lot happening these days and I am rethinking how I want to approach a next new big story. Rethinking where to go after here. Webcomics is weird and different than when I started up and I'm always honored when people take the time to read mine.

Some news: 

I'm apart of a kickstarter for a new Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Book (8 days left to preorder basically). I did an AMA about it with one of the writers for it, Dril.

A comic version of Rocko's Modern Life is out from Boom and I have a 4 page Mr Bighead back-up story in it.

My video game webcomic "VG Cheats n Beatums" was collected by Fangamer into a handsome book! You can also purchase it with a drawing on my store!

The best way you can follow any news from me is either tumblr or twitter. Twitter fair warning: I'm also tweeting screenshots from Family Matters.