*opening theme of silk stalkings plays*
Hello again. Sorry it was an extra week long of no comics. I'll have a reason soon. But I am Busy and it might come about that I could miss an update day. Unofficially, HiaGB updates Mondays Wednesday and Friday, but the upcoming weeks are gonna be jammed packed with comic shows and friends' weddings and going home to visit family, so I can't reliably say the schedule will be steady. I can reliably say that I'll do my best and if I do miss a day I'll probably feel bad and just update when I can the next.

This is why we got a RSS feed and Tumblr feed. If you use those! You can follow me on twitter for updates too, but you get a lot of excess jokes and shit from me as well. Or just keep checkin the site on days that end in y. I hope you understand? I'm doin some cool things, I promise you. I'll see you Wednesday for certain, also.